Essential resources for understanding the world of special education in Howard County and beyond.

Overview of High Stakes Testing

With ever-increasing pressure on school systems to improve educational results, high stakes testing is a particularly important and controversial issue. In many school districts and states, mandated tests measure student performance and hold individual schools accountable for that performance.

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Transition Planning Manual

The transition from school to adulthood requires careful planning. The Transition Planning Manual written by Parents for Parents for the Howard County Autism Society provides important information on the parent’s role, self-determination, high school, college, representation portfolios, social security (SSI and SSDI), health care, relationships and sexuality, and transportation.  Transition Manual_HCAS

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OAR Life Journey Through Autism: A Guide for Assessment

A Parent’s Guide to Assessment

The formal assessment process can be daunting for parents of children with autism. By using highly technical language and focusing on “deficit performance,” assessments can often overwhelm and dishearten parents. In addition, outcomes are rarely explained in terms that parents can use to set goals for their children. The Organization for Autism Research (OAR) Parent’s…

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Advocating for Your Child: Before and During the IEP Meeting

Remember– you are the primary decision-maker for your child. No changes in your child’s placement or services should take place without your approval, except in an emergency situation. You are a member of the team. Work with the people who work with your child. Your success as an advocate for your child depends on working…

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