Essential resources for understanding the world of special education in Howard County and beyond.

Resource Teachers: School by School Assignments

Each Howard County public school is assigned an instructional facilitator and a resource teacher to assist the special education team within the building. Parents are encouraged to know who to call for additional assistance from the Office of Special Education (or “central office”).  See the 2018-2019 list of HCPSS Special Education Instructional Facilitator/Resource Teacher Assignments.

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Bullying, Harassment, and Intimidation Form

The Bullying, Harrassment, or Intimidation Reporting Form may be used to to report alleged bullying, harassment, or intimidation that occurred during the current school year on school property, at a school-sponsored activity or event off school property, on a school bus, or on the way to and/or from school;

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Special Education Services

If your child has a disability or you suspect he or she may have a disability, you may request that the school system evaluate your child. An evaluation is conducted free of charge by the county. Special education law requires the child be evaluated in all areas of suspected disability.

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