Essential resources for understanding the world of special education in Howard County and beyond.

Navigating Middle School

A presentation by HCPSS Department of Special Education and Student Services HCPSS delivered a presentation on the Ins and Outs of Middle School for parents of students with disabilities who are preparing for the transition from elementary to middle school

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Student Discipline: Understanding What’s Legal, What’s Not, and What a Behavior Intervention Plan Has to Do With It

Behavioral challenges are a hallmark of autism and related disorders. While every parent dreads a phone call from school, the one announcing a suspension is especially feared. The reality is that children with disruptive or dangerous behaviors may be disciplined at some point by their schools. In an effort to help parents understand the regulations…

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IEP Bootcamp

Must-read advice for anyone headed to an IEP meeting Disability Scoop’s original series, Scoop Essentials, features a Q&A with special education attorney Marcy Tiffany of the law firm Wyner & Tiffany on the rights of students with disabilities.

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