Essential resources for understanding the world of special education in Howard County and beyond.

Teaching Self-Calming Skills

By Jessica Minahan, M.Ed, BCBA “You need to calm down.” This is something I hear a lot in my work as a behavior specialist when a student starts to get agitated– answering rudely, refusing to work, making insulting comments or whining.

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Put Social Skills in the IEP

By Ann McCarthy When problems with social skills impact your child’s success in school, addressing them should become part of the IEP. Write objectives to improve social skills as you would for academic skills. Once objectives exist in the IEP, your child’s team must provide explicit instruction to achieve them

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Transition and Self-Advocacy

By Lynda L. West, Stephanie Corbey, Arden Boyer-Stephens, and Bonnie Jones, et al. No one has a greater stake in the outcome of transition planning than the student with a disability. The student should be an active, participating member of the transition team

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