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16 de Enero de 2022 – 2:00-3:00pm – ​​​​​​​Virtual

Esta presentación revisará las razones comunes por las que los comportamientos desafiantes (rabietas, lloriqueos, agresiones, etc.) suceden y brindara información sobre cómo la terapia ABA ayuda a identificarlos y cómo ayuda con la enseñanza adecuada del comportamiento. El presentador también proveerá algunas estrategias que los padres pueden utilizar para abordar estos comportamientos en el hogar.

Presentado en español. Presentado por: Alexander Arevalo, M.S, M.Ed, BCBA, LBA​​​​​​​

Este seminario web se realiza en asociación con Pathfinders for Autism and Howard County Autism Society.

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January 19, 2022

Part 1 of a two-part series for parents and guardians to think through the process of planning for the day when they are no longer there to care for their loved one.  Presenters walk you through the initial steps to plan and communicate your vision for your loved ones future, as well as working through the practical considerations.  This is part one of a two-part series (part two to be offered in late spring 2022)

Topics covered:

  • Letter of Intent: how to communicate your desires for your young person and include important details to share with all future caregivers after your death
  • Wills and Special Needs Trusts – where to begin?
  • Guardianship /Alternatives to Guardianship – what’s the difference?
  • Maryland ABLE Account – what is it and how can it benefit your loved one?
  • Other important but difficult topics to think through

Jim Curran and Monty Knittle, Curran Knittle Group, Harbor Investment Advisory
Kelly Nelson, Maryland ABLE
Mary O’Byrne, O’Byrne Law LLC

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PPT  – Maryland ABLE
PPT – Curran Knittle Group
PPT – O’Byrne Law
Letter of Intent (Template)


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The Housing Crisis for Adults with Disabilities: A Panel Discussion
September 14, 2021

This webinar explores the current challenges and some very creative ways individuals and families are addressing the housing crisis.  Panelists will include individuals from the housing field, a real estate professional, an adult services agency, and parents have addressed the challenge for their loved ones with out of the box solutions.  And you’ll get an update on Patuxent Commons, HCAS’ unique intergenerational housing project slated for construction in the Hickory Ridge community of Columbia, MD.

Panelists in order of appearance:

Tim Wiens, Executive Director, Maryland Inclusive Housing
Pam Beck, Parent & Advocate
Richard Dean, Parent & Advocate
Stephanie Maric, Parent & Real Estate Professional, The Legal Team of Long & Foster
Ami Taubenfeld, Executive DIrector and Founder, Itineris
Mark Dunham, Principal, Kindred Strategies & HCAS Consultant for Patuxent Commons Housing Project

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Preparing for the Return of School
August 30, 2021

This webinar features a discussion on what’s most important to communicate with teachers before school starts.


Beth Benevides, Hussman Institute for Autism

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May 20, 2021

This webinar features a panel discussion by and for parents, professionals and self-advocates to build awareness of the prevalence of mental health challenges in individuals with autism across the lifespan.

Panelists include:

Brenda von Rautenkranz, LCPC, NCC, Psychotherapist, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, President of Fit for Life

Dr. Andrea Goddard, Supervisor, Child and Family Therapy Clinic, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Kennedy Krieger Institute

Dr. Christine Dub, PhD, BCBA, NCSP Licensed Psychologist, Department of Behavior Psychology, Kennedy Krieger Institute

Sara Uram, LCSW-C, Social Worker, Neuropsychiatry Program, Sheppard Pratt

Dr. Robert Wisner-Carlson, Chief of Autism and Neurodevelopmental Outpatient Program, Senior Psychiatrist and Service Chief of Adult Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Unit, Sheppard Pratt

Mia Williams, Parent Representative, HCAS Board Member

Matthew Plantz, Self Advocate and HCAS Board Member

Denise Giuliano, Executive Director, NAMI Howard County

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Taller de deambulación y fuga en español (Wandering & Elopement – In Spanish)
Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Gicel Martinez & Rosa Lily – Educadoras de Padres Bilingues
Laurie Reyes, Montgomery Co. Police


Compensatory Education/Recovery Services (April 20, 2021)

Presenters: Beth Benevides, HCAS & The Hussman Institute and Trish Gunshore, HCPSS Depart. of Special Education

An informational webinar for parents and families on IEP implementation and compensatory education/recovery services for students who have an Individualized Education Program (ages 3-21). As students return to in-person learning, a team will evaluate​ your child’s progress—considering progress prior to the COVID19 school closures, during the closures and virtual learning, and present levels​ to ​determine if compensatory education/recovery services are required. This webinar will review frequently asked questions and provide guidance on how parents can prepare for discussions with their IEP/school team.

Hosted by the HCPSS Department of Special Education, Special Education Community Advisory Committee, and the Howard County Autism Society.

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Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents with Autism: It is about More than Handwriting (March 25, 2021)

Aaron Dallman, PhD, OTR/L, MT-BC (Emily Bravman, OTS)

Presented in Partnership with Pathfinders for Autism / Brown Bag Workshop Series

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A two-part webinar in the Parent Empowerment Series sponsored by HCPSS Department of Special Education, SECAC, and HCAS (Tuesday, February 9, 2021)


PART 1:   What is ESY, Who is Eligible, and What are the Plans for 2021?

Part 1 will be a presentation of information on:

*  Extended School Year (ESY) services offered through HCPSS
*  Eligibility criteria
*  The timeline for ESY eligibility meetings and determinations
*  ESY 2021 details – when, where, how (hybrid or in-person)


Janice Yetter – Director, Department of Special Education, HCPSS

Marcella Randall  ESY Consultant, HCPSS


PART 2:  Parent Participation in ESY Planning / Q&A

Part 2 will offer tips to help parents prepare for ESY discussions, including:

*  Information to document and share at the meeting
* How to prioritize goals
*  Questions to ask during the ESY meeting


Beth Benevides – Parent Advocate, Howard County Autism Society / Hussman Institute for Autism

Leslie Seid Margolis  Managing Attorney, Disability Rights Maryland

Janice Yetter – Director, Department of Special Education, HCPSS

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Supplementary Aids and Services in the Virtual Environment

Families often mention the lack of follow through or “adaptation” of certain supplementary aids and services in the virtual environment. This webinar addresses:

-The importance of supplementary aids and services for student success
-The legal requirements behind this section of the IEP and ASDM plan
-Tips on how to address issues with teachers and the IEP team

-Ideas on specific kinds of accommodations for virtual learning


Beth Benevides,  Howard County Autism Society, Hussman Institute
Leslie Margolis, Disability Rights Maryland
Yvonne Cox, Howard County Public School System (HCPSS)
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You Can’t Drink From An Empty Cup: Supporting Your Own Social and Emotional Well-Being.  Helping Parents Survive the Roller Coaster of Parenting a Special Needs Child

December 2, 2020


Stacy Hurley, LCSW-C, Family Navigator, Howard County Autism Society
Brad Bernstein, LCPC, Crossroads Psychological Associates

ABC’s of Challenging Behavior Management

December 9, 2020

Panelists: Cathy Judkins

Women and Autism: A Panel Discussion

Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020


Carly Fulgham, Self-Advocate, Mother, Wife, and operations strategist for a major national bank
Caitlyn Conklin, Self-Advocate
Allison B. Ratto, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders, Children’s National Health System
Molly Whalen, Mother of a daughter with autism, Director, Best Buddies Capital Region

Video What About The Girls? (PPT) Resource List

Police Training on Autism: Overview of the Howard County Police Department Curriculum (10.16.20)

Lt. Bill Cheuvront, HCPD

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Alternative Service Delivery Model (ASDM) (9.9.20)

Beth Benevides, Howard County Autism Society, Leslie Seid Margolis, Dsability Rights Maryland, and Patricia Gunshore, HCPSS

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The IEP Process During Virtual Learning (9.29.20 – HCPSS Parent Empowerment Conference)

Beth Benevides, Howard County Autism Society, Leslie Seid Margolis, Dsability Rights Maryland, and Patricia Gunshore, HCPSS

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Homeschooling Children with Special Education Needs: Important Implications with Leslie Seid Margolis, Managing Attorney, Disability Rights Maryland and Patricia Gunshore, HCPSS
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Update on the MD Autism Waiver During COVID-19 and Beyond with Sheri Weissman, LCSW, C-ASWCM
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Monthly Speaker Series: Rebecca Landa, PhD, CCC-SLP, Founder & Executive Director, Center for Autism & Related Disorders (CARD) at Kennedy Krieger Institute
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SSI & SSDI for Young Adults with Disabilities by Michael Dalto (PPT & Video of Webinar)
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Special Education During COVID-19 by Leslie Seid Margolis, Managing Attorney, Disability Rights Maryland
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Brown Bag Workshop: Challenging Behaviors with Catherine Judkins, BCBA
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Cannabis & Autism with Dr. Leslie Apgar
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Housing Meeting
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MD Partnership for Affordable Housing
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ARI & Room Surf Presentation
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Sibling Issues
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IEP Presentation
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DDA 101
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DDA 101 Integrated Support Star Worksheet
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DDA 101 Life Course Infographic
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Department of Disabilities Administration HCBS Waivers Overview
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Special Needs Planning – Caring for all of your Family Members
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Maryland Autism Waver
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Low Intensity Support Services – LISS
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