Why Won’t They Stand on their Desks?

So many of us are grieving the loss of Robin Williams this week.  As an actor, he made us care about his characters by becoming them; and in so doing, he made us care about him.  As a comedian, he was an unstoppable energy that was equal parts intelligence and irreverence. […] The post Why Won’t…

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The Sentence That Changed My Life

It’s hard to fathom, but there was a day when autism was attributed to mothers who were “cold” and unaffectionate to their children.  It was a prevailing theory in the 1950s and 1960’s and, at the time, mothers were referred to as “refrigerator mothers”.  It was the theory that attributed […] The post The Sentence…

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Forrest Gump and The History of the IDEA

When we talk to parents about the history of the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), we often refer the to movie Forrest Gump.  Forrest, portrayed by Tom Hanks, is a child in the 1950’s with a low IQ and leg braces.  In the movie, Forrest is prohibited from attending […] The post Forrest Gump…

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YSER Featured in Autism Asperger’s Digest

Autism Asperger’s Digest — a premiere publication that regularly feature columns by disability experts such as Temple Grandin, Ellen Notbohm and James Ball! We are proud to be mentioned (and quoted) in the “What’s New” section of their March 2014 edition! Click here to access the issue. The post YSER Featured in Autism Asperger’s Digest…

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Important Federal Appeals Court Ruling on Summer Services

Introduction by Jennifer Laviano The IDEA provides for Extended School Year (ESY) services for many students with disabilities.  The IDEA further requires that these summer services be individualized, and based on the unique needs of the student.  Despite these requirements, the usual approach we hear at IEP meetings when ESY […] The post Important Federal…

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No Days From Snow Days & Other Acts of Nature

We are often asked here on the East Coast if the instruction lost from snow days for students who receive special education should be made up by the school district. While snow days certainly don’t happen in all parts of the country, there are lessons to be learned for other cancellations […] The post No Days…

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Special Education’s Future Depends on Your Vote!

While it is our practice not to be political, special education and other disability-related issues have found their way into politics.  Ipso facto, we’re political, especially with the mid-term elections around the corner.  We know that many factors go into a person choosing what political affiliation they are, but if […] The post Special Education’s…

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Why Your Child’s Desk Matters

For many school children with disabilities—especially those with an IEP or a 504 plan—the ability to get up and move around the classroom is a common (and practical) accommodation. Be it standing, walking, jumping, or getting the wiggles out in general—for these kids, the freedom to engage in physical activity […] The post Why Your…

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5 Simple Steps to Stop Transportation Tragedies at School

With the recent headlines of another student with special education needs losing his life on a bus, it’s time to insist that transportation providers participate in the IEP team process.  It’s time because we should not tolerate one more tragedy of a student with disabilities who loses their life for […] The post 5 Simple…

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