Fall 2020 Program Now Underway!

The Autism Hiring Program was created to address the needs of adults with autism who have high-level, marketable skills and would benefit from skills assessment, interview preparation and social navigation for a more competitive advantage. At the same time, we seek to connect small and mid-sized businesses in Central Maryland to a competent, capable workforce, providing staff training and ongoing supports.

The program is sponsored by the Howard County Autism Society with support from Howard County, MD and the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council.  Organizational partners include Accessible Resources for Independence, UMBC Training Center and the Maryland Workforce Development Center.

Our first cohort of participants began in September 2020 and we are now actively seeking employers interested in partnering with us to build their workforce!

For more information, email or call melissa.rosenberg@howard-autism.org or 410-290-3466.


EMPLOYERS!  Join us on November 19th at 8:30am for an Employer Education Webinar


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