COVID-19 Resources to Support At-Home Instruction

School buildings are closed. Schedules are changing. Like never before, parents of students with IEPs and IFSPs are seeking new ways to keep our children engaged in learning. We’ve put together a list of free COVID-19 resources to help you support your students with at-home learning, coping strategies, and keeping connected socially. We’ll add to…

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Continuity of the IFSP for Young Children (Birth – Age 4) with Developmental Delays/Disabilities and Their Families during Extended School/Agency Closure due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

MSDE Technical Assistance Bulletin April 2020 The purpose of this Technical Assistance Bulletin (TAB #20-06) is to guide the provision for the continuity of services to young children with developmental delays/disabilities and their families during physical school/program closure made necessary by the State of Emergency Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This guidance remains in effect…

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Providing Continuity of Learning for Students with Disabilities Who Require Extensive, Intensive, Individualized Instruction and Support during the COVID-19 Pandemic

MSDE Technical Assistance Bulletin April 2020 MSDE has created this Technical Assistance Bulletin (TAB #20-07) to guide the provision of continuity of learning for students (1) with significant cognitive disabilities, (2) that require extensive, intensive, individualized instruction and support, and (3) the use of alternate or modified curricular in a virtual and/or distance learning environment…

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